How to Fix Pooling Water on the Sidewalk


How to Fix Pooling Water on the Sidewalk

If you’ve been grappling with water pooling issues around your property, potentially causing damage to walls and foundations, you’re not alone. This blog, brought to you by Constructology, offers practical insights into addressing and resolving the problems associated with water pooling. For effective waterproofing services in Herndon, VA, reach out to Constructology and embark on the journey to safeguard your property from water-related concerns. In the battle against water-related challenges, our guide, “How to Fix Pooling Water on the Sidewalk,” is your go-to resource.

What Is Water Pooling?

Water pooling is a common issue in areas with comparatively steep land. Underground water accumulates in specific patches, leading to continuous accumulation in one place. Improper or impaired plumbing exacerbates the problem, causing water to seep into walls and foundations, resulting in potential property damage.

What Can Cause Water Pooling?

  • Existing Damage: Cracks, depressions, and raised spots in your driveway can direct water to the center, causing pooling. Crude repairs with driveway filler may worsen the situation, making the driveway more uneven and less drainable.
  • Poor Drainage: Inadequate consideration for drainage during the installation of a new driveway can lead to water pooling issues.
  • Poor Installation: An uneven, lumpy, or cracked driveway, even with a drainage system, can cause large puddles to form in random spots.
  • Poor Design: Paving companies may neglect factors like the slope of the driveway or the overall property, leading to water pooling.


How Do I Fix Water Pooling On My Sidewalk?

While attempting to soak up or push water off your sidewalk may offer temporary relief, these are not long-term solutions. To address standing water problems effectively, consider implementing a better drainage system or replacing your sidewalk.

  • French Drains: Trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe to redirect surface water and groundwater.
  • Channel Drains: Grated drain at the bottom of slopes, ideal for sloped driveways and fast drainage.
  • Swale Systems: Shallow channels with vegetation to store or redirect water, easily hidden with plants and rocks.
  • Paver Stones: Permeable driveway option using smaller stones with gaps for water drainage.

Paver stones offer a comprehensive solution, especially if your property makes it challenging to lay a non-sloping driveway. Alternatively, replacing the entire driveway with a level and draining one can be a lasting solution if drainage options are unappealing.

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